Saturday, April 12, 2014

Simply Coral | Selena Gomez's Nicole by O.P.I

April Nailspiration! Right now I'm loving Nicole by O.P.I "Selena". As you can tell from the nail polishes name this polish is Selena Gomez's collection. It just a perfect shade of coral. Perfect for Spring and Autumn.

Mix up it up with silver glitter nail polish!

Go for a floral theme!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Florals and burgundy

It's that time of year again for university students in Australia. First day back in campus. This year is my Junior year of college. 2 more years till I'm going to be throwing my cap in the air in celebration. I'm one of those people who actually dresses up on the first week of university. Just how I am. Though I don't rock up with high heels but I like to be fashionable. But after the first week it's back to laid back outfits (mostly due to over sleeping and not having time to in the morning).

I go back first week of March and so this week I've been doing a lot of retail therapy. Do I use the "I need new clothes for first day of university."? Yes. Definitely. Always. Every year. Well every semester. 

It's still super summer here Aus. So this outfit is a back to the campus summer/fall look. 

My skirt is from Paper Scissors. I just love florals. This skirt is flowy and the floral pattern is just perfect for summer.

My spaghetti strap burgundy top is from Vallerygirl. I love this top because there's many ways to wear it. The fabric is thin to tuck under shorts and skirts but it's not see through and doesn't require having a singlet underneath. It comes in other colours and is only $6.95!

What do you think of flat-forms? I've been eyeing this pair for months and I finally bought it just few days ago. Their a great way to add a little height but not to obvious of you wearing heels to school. I like to wear flats to university but sometimes it's nice to add a little wedge. So these flat-forms is the answer! I got this in Novo.

All these rings are from my favourite accessories store called Lovisa which I've mentioned many times. They have such a great range of accessories. I went for a gold and black theme to my jewellery for this outfit because it really suits the burgundy top.  

I had this statement necklace for a while and I thought it just adds something to the top because it's plain solid colour. It matches my rings with the gold and black theme. I don't remember where I got this from but my bet is form Lovisa. 

If you have time I think it's nice to add a bit of braid to your look. I watched Zoella's hair tutorial called Halo braid. It's an easy everyday hairstyle. You can have it with your hair curled or straight and even wavy or an up do. I chose to curl my hair just like Zoella did. Go check out her tutorial!

I recently dyed my hair for the very first time in my 19 years of existence in this world. I decided to go with the ombre style hair dye. It was exactly what I wanted. I decided to keep my natural hair at the top but got the rest of my hair ombred. The curls aren't too much and didn't even use hair spray. 

What's your first day of  college look this year? 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

A splash of red

I'm so done with summer that I'm thinking about autumn already. Even though it's still hitting above 30 degrees here in Australia my mind is focusing on autumn. I just want it to be autumn already. I miss wearing my scarves, jackets and coats. Where I can wear dresses with boots and a cardigan. Where I can still wear shorts but with a super comfy jumper. Where I can wear a cosy scarf everyday. 

In spirit of season of the falling leaves here is an autumn kind of outfit.

Chiffon long sleeve top: Ally Fashion
Fancy Patterned skater skirt: Chica Booti
Black Ankle boots: Love Couture

Black and Gold Heart stud earrings: Love Couture
Leopard head necklace: Lovisa (also in Valley Girl)
Black and Gold ring: Lovisa
Gold midi rings: Lovisa

My outfit is black and gold that in spirit of Valentine's Day I threw in a splash of red!

Small red quilted shoulder bag: Forever New

Happy hearts day to my blog and to my awesome readers! 

Friday, January 31, 2014

Suger Crystal Butterfly Banana Cake

The next time you find yourself baking and icing:
1. Bring out all your baking decorations
2. No colour icing except maybe a black or brown icing
3. Think "What can I use instead of icing to decorate my cake?" 
4. Get your creativeness rolling

Cause that's what I did here and resulted with a
Sugar crystal sprinkled butterfly shaped banana cake

You maybe wondering if I actually lined up those sugar balls for the butterfly body one by on. Yes. Yes I did. Did it take long? Yes. Yes it did. Would I do it again? Yes.

It all started with my love for baking and wanting to try out Fatmumslim's Banana Cake recipe that she based from Exclusively Food recipe Cream Cheese icing which you can go have look at here. I recommend this Banana cake recipe because it's just delish and easy to make. 

My baking Adventure!

Why not go on your own baking adventure?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Marc Jacobs Stripey lips

It's funny how I went with no nail polish for a year to making a tutorial video of a nail art. I never realised how fun it is to paint your nails and design them. I think my artistic side just jumped out with this. 

As you may have seen on my previous blog post I have this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag I always use for everyday use. When I got into this whole nail art thing I tried out the design of the bag into my nails. So this is where Nailspiration started. 

I want to try new things this year and this nail art is definitely something new for this year. 

(I used a more redish shade cause I thought it will look better hehe)

Here's my youtube tutorial on how to recreate the nailspiration! 
Please subscribe, like and comment! 

Comment below what you think! Link me some of your favourite nail art! 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2013 Favourites

Well hello there 2014! 2013 went by so fast. I'm still writing "2013" instead of "2014". I think everyone can relate to this. 2013 has been okay but full of good memories to remember. Okay meaning there were days of confusion and bad/angry/I don't know what I'm doing in my life days. I'm just so happy it's 2014 already. I think this year will probably way better than 2013 for me. I'm finally making dreams into plans. I have a better confidence on what I want to do in the career part. It's an exciting year for everyone in my family because we all are hitting big numbers this year. I'm turing Twenty or what I call "Twenteen" ;). 30th and 5th Anniversaries, my big bro is gonna be half of 50, my bro in law will be 30, my lil bro is gonna be sweet 16 and our star (my niece) is turning 1! A very big year for all of us! #Excited!

Even though 2013 was okay-ish for me I've got a few 2013 favourites to share that maybe will be your 2014 favourite. 


I managed to wear this acid washed denim jacket all year round. I wore it over dresses and shirts. 

Peplum. I have loads of peplum styled dresses and shirts. I just LOVE it.

Canvas shoes. I've stopped wearing these type of shoes but last year I went back to them. 

Rose gold jewellery. I was still not happy with how the colour looks with my skin but I started to be ok with it

The halloween kiss perfume was a present from my 18th birthday and it is almost finished. I carried it around everywhere especially when it started to get hot. It has a very spice but settle smell. 

I went through probably 3 of this baby lip pink from Maybelline. Really recommend this! There are few other colours but I especially love Cherry red and Pink blast.


University kept me so busy that in 2013 I only read 1 book which is just so sad. Shatter Me is pretty good. I finished the book in 2 days because I was very intrigued every ending chapter. There's a love triangle (As always) I'm definitely Team Adam.  


I can give all 3 movies a 10/10 and definitely the One Direction concert a 11/10 experience

So what's everyones 2013 favourites?

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