Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Charm life

It's saturday and it's a review kinda day!

I have a very little Juicy Couture Charm collection that I've always wanted to start. About a few months ago my mom came back from the states and brought along my very first charm bracelet. She told me over the phone and I rejoiced! Not only did she got me a bracelet but she got me a charm too. Happy girl I was! 

This charm bracelet is called Heart banner starter charm bracelet. This one is the silver chain with a purple heart charm. This design will be hard to find nowadays, I know eBay is selling these but I don't really trust the authenticity. A similar design of this is the Heart crown starter charm link bracelet

The chain features medium sized flat links and is 7.5" in length. Is made of brass, glass and stainless steel. Keeping that always new look forever! The toggle closure features a crown like shape.

This uber fabulous heart banner charm is located to the right of the bracelet is forever secured. This charm comes with the bracelet but you can't take this one out. The heart shape is made of glass and is purple in colour. Across the banner it says Juicy Couture with a ribbon to the left and a very tiny diamante to its right adding a bit of sparkle. 

Usually I would wear the bracelet just as this. Simple but yet very fabulous. I've worn this countless times and it has managed to stay as new. This is probably because I actually take good care of it. I put back in the box and once in a while I wipe it down so that it stays stainless. 

This is the first official charm I got. It's called High Top Sneaker Charm. There has been other released styles of sneakers such as the Sneaker Charm in blue and gold. The pattern is just Juicy Couture repeated multiple times and has a pale pink background. The laces are a shimmery silver material and actually criss crosses just like any other shoelace. This charm reminds me of converses and has meaning to me in a way. I use to love wearing converses. I still love converse but as I said before I've become so girly and only wear them when I have too. This was a great first charm!

Isn't this so fab?! This charm is called Beach Bag unfortunately I couldn't find a website that still sells this other than eBay and amazon but if you trust them go ahead and get it from there. Yellow and blue in colour and has a dangling heart shaped sunglasses. One of the reasons why I love this one is because inside the bag is a tiny little towel! Adorable isn't? 

Now if you know me personally I like going to beach but I hate getting more tan cause I tan easily. I grew up being in the beach all week. My childhood I lived  probably less than 100m away from the beach. I remember going there and hang out with my friends. My little brother and I had our farewell party at the beach with all our friends. Up until now I like going to beach and just chilling and sink in the beautiful view. 

Out of all the charms I have this one has got to be the random one. Yes it's a watermelon charm the size of my thump. Juicy Couture has other fruits like kiwi and strawberry. I find this one cute because the cut view is sparkling with the black one as the seeds. I love watermelons so why not have it as a charm? 

The Parrot charm features a flappable wings! Although this one colours are green yellow I still consider it as a parrot. Says so in the box anyway. This one is just so fun to flap it's wings but I do get worries when I wear this one because I have fear the wings will break off.  Knowing me I have the baddest luck I'll probably end up doing just that. 

How awesome is this? 10/10! As you can see this one is called the Tennis Racquet charm and features its very own pink tennis ball. I love this one, just love it! There's another charm called the Can of tennis balls charm to pair it up with but unfortunately haven't had any luck finding it. Probably when I go visit the states, fingers crossed!

This is one has a meaning to it. The only sport that I consider myself good at (was good at cause I haven't played in 3 years) and enjoyed. From the age of 9-12 I was on the court right after school every weekday and even on weekends. My whole family played tennis and a lot of my friends back then played as well. I got my very first (and very last) trophy playing tennis. One of my goals is to get back in the court and hopefully join competitions again. 

Last, but not the least, is the Ballerina Charm. Isn't this just so charming and pretty and elegant and just so classy? I love how the face in a diamante and the tutu has rhinestones around. It just adds that special touch to the charm. 

This one is my favourite by far. From the age of 6 till 12, I took up Ballet lessons and loved it. Ballet was the reason why I love dancing. It's given me the confidence to perform in front of so many people. Even after moving to perth when I had to perform either dancing or singing in a choir I never really got nervous to go on stage (public speaking is another story though). If there's one thing I'm confident in it's got be dancing. I may not be the best at dancing but it's my thing and you can say I'm the dancer in the family. Just like tennis I want to get back to Ballet and different types of dance including hip hop and contemporary. 

Do you have your charm bracelet? 
From Juicy Couture? 
Out of all the charms I have which do you like? 
Do you know any charms you recommend me buying?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lovisa Haul

Hola! It's Tuesday what a perfect day for a lil haul post. So here it goes! 

One of my favourite stores to buy jewellery from is an Australian company called Lovisa.

One of the reasons why I love this shop is because they have these totally amazing sales. The one I especially like is their 3 items for $10. When I walk pass by it and see that big red circular sign my feet just automatically goes towards it. There hasn't been a time where I came in and did not find anything. I always come out with that cute paper bag and your purchases all wrapped in that brown tissue paper. All ready for you to unwrap when you get home and realise how much of a shopaholic you are. A few weeks ago they had that sale and these are the ones I came home with. 

This stretchy bracelet is more used for casual wear. The colour has that pastel feel in purple. 

This clamp bracelet has a gold lining making leaves all around the bracelet. It's finished with a pale violet shimmery accent. 

I couldn't believe that this amazing gold accent panther cuff bangle was only $3.33! All around are pastel lime green spots. There's a similar panther cuff in black and gold. 

Make sure you watch out for the 3 for $10 sales cause you can usually find amazing stuff. And who doesn't like bargains?! They also have good sales in their website for those who are not living in Australia. They ship worldwide but I know the shipping is just not worth it but might as well check them out. 

Unfortunately it'll be hard to get these exact same bracelet in the website and in-store. But I do know Lovisa tends to do replicas but in a different colour. Or you can go to the store and try your luck, especially in the outlet store in Harbour Town. 

What's your favourite jewellery store? Any crazy sales they do? 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Comfy Outfit

Through out the years I've realised that I've become very girly with my fashion style. I used to wear converse shoes all the time but now I'm always wanting to walk with flats, wedges and high heels. My everyday style is pretty much dresses and jackets. I would usually wear cute flats with it. When it's summer it's the same but I opt to go with shorts, flowy top, cardigans and flats. So I went for a mix of the things I love and viola! Comfort outfit! 

Cardigan (Dark grey, long): Valleygirl
Dress (short, skater, white flower patterns on midnight blue): Valleygirl
Shoes (White canvas primsoles): Rubi Shoes
Necklace (silver, dove shaped with pearls): Lovisa
Bag (Doctors bag style, detachable strap): Marc by Marc Jacobs

What's your comfort outfit? 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013



I'm sure you know by now that my name is Anna. I've been meaning to make a blog, well actually I've made a blog before but deleted it because well it was just not working out. I kinda stopped updating. Was it the lack of excitement in my life? No... yeah kinda of... yes,  it was just the lack of enthusiasm of keeping one really.

So here it is. A brand new one. Ta-da!!

It is now the point in my life that I'm living the last 365 days of being a teenager (I'ld sign a petition to make Twenty to Twenteen!).  I don't know why the thought of turning 20 shocks me. I'm pretty sure I'm going to feel like I'm still 17. There are still somedays when I'm just like:
"I can't go there!... oh wait haha I can actually!"
Any who, here's to the last year of being a teenager! To capturing more moments, to go out and wander the world, to learning new things, to get a bit of inspiration here or there, to discovering new fashion styles, to just being random,  to the limitless mix tape and to take further steps to making dreams to reality.

Bring it nineteen!

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