Wednesday, October 2, 2013



I'm sure you know by now that my name is Anna. I've been meaning to make a blog, well actually I've made a blog before but deleted it because well it was just not working out. I kinda stopped updating. Was it the lack of excitement in my life? No... yeah kinda of... yes,  it was just the lack of enthusiasm of keeping one really.

So here it is. A brand new one. Ta-da!!

It is now the point in my life that I'm living the last 365 days of being a teenager (I'ld sign a petition to make Twenty to Twenteen!).  I don't know why the thought of turning 20 shocks me. I'm pretty sure I'm going to feel like I'm still 17. There are still somedays when I'm just like:
"I can't go there!... oh wait haha I can actually!"
Any who, here's to the last year of being a teenager! To capturing more moments, to go out and wander the world, to learning new things, to get a bit of inspiration here or there, to discovering new fashion styles, to just being random,  to the limitless mix tape and to take further steps to making dreams to reality.

Bring it nineteen!

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