Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Polaroid Camera

Ever since I got into photography I wanted a Polaroid camera. It's just a really cool camera that immediately prints of your photos. Who ever invented it is a genius! Although having a DSLR camera, that I absolutely love, my polaroid camera purpose for me is 1. So I don't have to bring a bulky camera everywhere 2. I use the pictures for my everyday journal so I don't have to wait weeks for printing of my Instagram photos. 3. I wanted one. So one afternoon I found all my left over gift cards that I had and used them to buy myself one. With the gift cards I only had to pay half of the price. Woot!

Myers has a great deal going on with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. Where it's $99 but it includes a pack of 10 films. I bought the Pink one and I actually surprised myself with my choice of colour. There is a choice of black, blue, yellow, pink and white. Reason why I went for the pink is because I thought it would go with a lot of my outfits or bags and they didn't have a purple one. It was a very cute and pretty shade of pink so I went with it. 

 What a pretty box! "Life recorded instantly" The 3 words that defines Polaroid cameras.

 Yay to free 10 films!



My first camera that was given by my parents was a fujifilm digital camera that I still have. So I knew that I won't have any problems with having the Fujifilm polaroid camera. 

One awesome function this polaroid camera has is the ability to automatically determine what setting the camera should be. It lights up which setting to put the camera to and you just have to turn it to the which it is lit up. Awesome right? 

Scroll down to my previous post to see my first epically failed shot with it but I'll sure share more of what I captured.

What do you guys think of polaroid camera's?

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