Friday, January 31, 2014

Suger Crystal Butterfly Banana Cake

The next time you find yourself baking and icing:
1. Bring out all your baking decorations
2. No colour icing except maybe a black or brown icing
3. Think "What can I use instead of icing to decorate my cake?" 
4. Get your creativeness rolling

Cause that's what I did here and resulted with a
Sugar crystal sprinkled butterfly shaped banana cake

You maybe wondering if I actually lined up those sugar balls for the butterfly body one by on. Yes. Yes I did. Did it take long? Yes. Yes it did. Would I do it again? Yes.

It all started with my love for baking and wanting to try out Fatmumslim's Banana Cake recipe that she based from Exclusively Food recipe Cream Cheese icing which you can go have look at here. I recommend this Banana cake recipe because it's just delish and easy to make. 

My baking Adventure!

Why not go on your own baking adventure?

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